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Learn more about "Enaya" Medical System - Compare Insurance in UAE

Are you residing in Dubai? Learn more about "Enaya" Medical System - Compare Best Insurance Rates in Dubai

Learn more about "Enaya" Medical System - Compare Insurance in UAE

The UAE government is constantly developing its systems to provide the best services to its citizens and residents. The government health insurance systems have been unified into the "Enaya" medical system, which includes "Saada" insurance and other government insurance systems. “Enaya” system includes citizens of Dubai who do not benefit from any other government system, Dubai government employees, citizens and residents, and their families.

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In addition, the list of beneficiaries of the new system includes citizen families: all wives and children up to 24 years old, plus fathers, mothers, and residents - only one wife and only three children under the age of 21.

"Enaya" medical system is a fruitful cooperation between Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Government Human Resources Department and the Finance Department under the supervision of the General Secretariat of the Executive Council. After a careful study, the interests of the beneficiaries of the system were discussed and briefed on an advanced and integrated system that includes all high-quality medical services, taking into account the local and global changes in the field of medical care.

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Enaya system includes new additional privileges, which are:

  • Providing medical care services for expectant mothers and newborns from the beginning of the pregnancy period until after birth without waiting period.

  • Diseases in previous medical systems and chronic diseases.

  • Complete coverage of all periodic medical examinations and vaccinations.